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Have you just arrived in France on a permanent basis, or do you have a holiday home? French red tape is a nightmare, and you don’t know where to start?

SOS Admin is your answer. I can help you with all of your red tape like, driving licence, re-registration of your car, resolving administration problems like gas, telephone,and electricity supplies. I can also help you with letter writing and translation.

So whatever your needs are, give me a call to discuss them.

About SOS Admin

My name is John Pullen, I have lived and worked in France since 2003.
Over the years I have experienced the frustration of French red tape. When I set up my first business in 2003, I had to deal with the “Chambre de Métiers”, and then “URSSAF” quickly followed. Driving licence, car registration you name it, I’ve done it. Since the beginning of 2018, many of the administrative services have become complicated by the governments’ decision to make these services available “online” only. No longer will you receive paper documents to declare your income. You are no longer able to fill in a form to register your car for a French “immatriculation” from your English plates etc. Over the years, I have gained the experience needed to help you with all of these things and more.

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Call on 06 13 28 59 81
or Email:johnpullen.sos@gmail.com

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