changing your licence.

Changing your licence

Here is a list of documents that you will need and what to do

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Do I need to exchange my licence?

If you live in France on a permanent basis, you are not legally required to exchange your European licence. The circumstances in which you would be required to change your licence would be, for example, if you committed a traffic violation, which would require points being put to your licence, or as the case is in France, the points are deducted. Under the current DVLA rules, you cannot change the address of your licence to an address outside of the UK, this obliges you to apply for a French licence.

Here’s how you do it, 

You will need an ANTS account and the following documents in pdf format.

  • a colour copy of both sides of your driving licence.
  • a translation of the above by an approved translator.
  • copy of your licence summary from DVLA.
  • copy of the above  translated by an approved translator.
  • photographs from an ANTS approved photobooth, it will have a long number on it which is used to recuperate your photographs.
  • copy of your proof of identity (passport).
  • copy of proof of residence (avis d’impôts, utilities bill or similar).
  • copy of proof of the date of entry onto French territory.
  • copy of both sides of a document proving residence in France for at least 6 months (eg lease, employment contract, tax notification…)

Click on ” mon espace conducteur” and then click on “Commencer la demande” from here, you will need to make that choices that are relevant to your situation.
If you are married using your maiden name, it is advisable to send a copy of your birth certificate to prove your maiden name.

If you want to keep your heavy goods categories, you will need to have a medical examination with an appointed doctor, taking the form cerfa 14488*02 for him to complete.